Got Your Back

from by Outlander

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As you hold me down
I can barely fight
You hold all the cards
But I've got the light

What was cast away
What you left for dead
Is still glowing bright
Glowing fiery red

I've got half a mind
To bury you alive
You poison my child's eyes
And put a dent in mine

Just stick what she shakes
In a ten year old face
Now they only see the skin
And you win

Yeah, you've got the floor
And you've got the bomb
And you'll drag them all to hell
With your quick and easy sell

But I'm at your door and I'm here to say
Just because something's been forgotten
Doesn't make it go away

I feel it coming on the wind and in the sky
It's going down even though they built it high
I feel it coming on the wind and in the sky
As every soul is reckoned by the water or the fire

Well I'm bleeding hard
And I'm fading fast
But I know just how long
That I'm gonna last

What was cast away
What you left to die
Glowing brighter now
Glowing fiery white

You know what's behind
The easy shit you ride
And you know most will never
Rise above those lies

And you live as if
It doesn't matter down the line
But with your dying breath
I dare you to lie

Yeah, you told them all
And you told yourself
That the glow on the horizon
Was all inside their heads

But I'm at your door and I say:
Knowing just because you can't see me
Doesn't mean that I'm not there


from Outlander II, released October 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Outlander Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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