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Another night alone with no one at the wheel
The endlessness between us, and I begin to feel
It's time to close my eyes

Long now the days of grabbing empty dust
Slipping through my fingers into nothingness
Now it's all behind

Each night I'd take a vampire flight across the ebon sky
Where I'd wait there in the dark for your reply
But as the answers I imagined disappeared, I seemed to find
That I can only close my eyes
For only I am mine

Another night is gone, another lonely moon
The morning brought the naked truth and now it's coming soon
There's a hole in the sky

Lost now, the day that it was shining on
We were lost in a moment that has come and gone
Now it's all behind

All my intentions always burned into ashes for your time
Growing crystalline wings in our own world
And it would all go away for awhile
Now I wonder what it happened for
You know I never saw the ground until I felt your hand no more

Another tired day in a dusty room
The cold earth is silent in the afternoon
Now it's all behind

Now I sleep away the thoughtless day
From the bottom of the grave we made
You have flown away
And in your flowery sapphire wake
I see all the way behind, clear as day now for the first time
And I can only close my eyes
For you made me realize

That I'm not even mine


from Outlander II, released October 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Outlander Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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